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Neck & Back Pain Relief

Short Term Care For Your Neck And Back Pain




Ortega Chiropractic was established in 1987 by

Dr. Michael K. Nelson DC. He and his staff have served the community for 30 years.


27462 Calle Arroyo, Ste. A

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 493-7070

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Let us show you how Chiropractic treatment can help you:

Have you ever had neck or back pain and considered Chiropractic but feared you'd be required to commit to a long term plan?


You are not alone.


Even though there is plenty of research backing up Chiropractic, some patients just can't afford the time or expense of long-term, corrective care.


That is why we offer "pay per visit" Chiropractic for your neck pain or back pain.

This means you can call and come in on the same day and provided that there are no contraindications, get exactly what you want: an adjustment without pressure to keep coming back over and over again.


So, if you, your spouse, or a friend is complaining of aches and pains, rest assured that you can come in and get the care you want and can afford.

Our Services:
  • Chiropractic Treatment

  • Massage Therapy

  • Nutritional Advice

  • All Ages Served

  • Most Insurance Accepted

  • Acute or Chronic Pain

  • Relief Without Drugs

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